How to Tell if You Have Water Quality Issues at Home

Water quality issues can be quite easy to notice. Since most of their telltale signs can be perceived by the senses, you can easily know that there’s a problem once you smell, taste, or see them. Rainsoft of NE Iowa, a trusted provider of plumbing services and home water treatment products, lists some of the symptoms of water quality issues that you might encounter in your home.

Foul-Smelling and Bad-Tasting Water

If your water smells or tastes like rotten egg or sulfur, this could indicate the presence of hydrogen sulfide. This is typically caused by a particular bacteria in the water, and further investigation is often required to determine the source. The bacteria causing this foul smell or bad taste could be growing in drains, pipes, water heaters, or wells.

However, if the odors and tastes are earthy, this could be an indication of dissolved solids or decaying organic matter in the plumbing or the source of water itself. It’s important to treat the problem at its root, and using a water purifier can help as well.


Turbidity, which refers to the amount of small particles of solid matter present in the water, is what usually makes the water opaque. For water used in bathing, it’s necessary to treat the water for your entire home. If cloudiness or discoloration occurs in drinking water, experts recommend treating the water at the faucet where it is used. 


Pipes and other plumbing fixtures can corrode over time, and this could affect the quality of water in your household. Some water treatment solutions that can improve corrosion issues are phosphate solution feeds, limestone chip filters, silicate solution feeds, and oxygen scavengers among others.

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