Water Softener Equipment for Families in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Marion & Other Communities in Northeast IA

Water SoftenerOwning a water softener is especially beneficial for families in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Marion, and other parts of Iowa, a state that has some of the “hardest” water in America. Fortunately, at RainSoft of NE Iowa, we offer computer-controlled water conditoners and softeners that are built to provide a lifetime of trustworthy performance. Our EC4 and EC5 water softeners are able to replenish its supply in response to actual water usage in your home, providing an abundance of luxuriously softened and treated water whenever it is needed. These premium water softeners also features a failsafe tank-within-tank construction, back-up battery power, and a powerful self-lubricating motor that ensures a high flow rate and consistent discharge pressure. The EC4 and EC5 water softeners are even validated by the state of Iowa to reduce barium and radium – harmful chemical elements often found in high concentrations in our local groundwater.

Once the EC4 or EC5 water softener is installed, you and everyone in your family will notice a significant difference:

  • Your skin and hair will feel softer, cleaner, and less itchy
  • You will require less soap to bathe, clean the dishes, or do laundry
  • Laundered clothing will look brighter and feel softer to the touch
  • Dishes, silverware, and glasses won’t be marred by spots
  • Water-using appliances will last longer and work more efficiently
  • Sinks, bathtubs, and showers won’t be covered with grimy soap scum

As with all RainSoft home water treatment equipment, the fully-automated EC4 or EC5 is accompanied by a Lifetime Warranty. This means that your RainSoft water conditioner will be protected against defects for as long as you own the equipment.

To learn more about the EC4 or EC5 water softener from RainSoft, and the myriad benefits of using soft water in your home, contact RainSoft of NE Iowa today to schedule a complimentary in-home water test. We are an authorized RainSoft dealer serving Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Marion, and other nearby communities in IA. Our product selection also includes both residential and commercial drinking water purifier systems, whole-house water filters, air purification systems, salt for water softeners, replacement parts, and more. Along with these products, we also offer plumbing services to take care of all of your water needs!