Things You Need to Know About Carbon Water Filtration

Water purification systems can be highly effective at reducing several contaminants, unpleasant odors and bad tastes from potable water. One of the many methods available today that is growing in popularity in many households is carbon water filtration.

About Carbon Filtration Systems

Carbon filtration is often used for pour-through, faucet-mounted, countertop or under-counter systems. Whole-house systems are also available if all water in a home needs treatment. Regardless of the choice, carbon filtration systems can cost-effectively treat gallons of water. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s literature to learn which contaminants a certain carbon filtration system can reduce from potable water.

The Use of Activated Carbon Filters

Many water purifier systems utilize filters equipped with activated carbon. Also called activated charcoal, it is a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that increase available surface area for adsorption. In this process, the water passes through the activated carbon, acting as a sponge with a large surface area and absorbing contaminants found in water.

While these filters can remove a higher concentration of contaminants than regular carbon, they often vary when it comes to the number of activated carbon components, which can impact the filtering capacity and the speed at which they absorb. Generally, filters with higher amounts of activated carbon tend to have a longer lifespan and would require fewer replacements.

At RainSoft NE Iowa, we offer the QRS Whole-House Carbon Filtration System, which is designed to help solve special water treatment problems and is built for longer, trouble-free operation. It can be installed at the point of entry to treat your entire home, both hot and cold water, or it can be located directly before a water heater or other device that requires protection from municipally treated water.

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