The Various Factors Affecting Your Home’s Water Quality

Having access to water is a necessity in every household. The only thing more important other than that, however, is having safe, drinkable water. You might not worry about the water from the tap, but knowing the environmental and man-made factors that influence its quality is worth examining. 


Sediment is among the major pollutants in various bodies of water like streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Accelerated erosion from human use of land through construction activities account for more than half of the total sediment in the U.S. It is known to increase the cost of potable water treatment and can result in odor and taste problems.

pH Levels

The pH level is an important measurement concerning water quality. It determines how acidic (pH is less than 7) or basic (pH is more than 7) water is and is an indicator of water that is changing chemically. Water with a high pH can lead to water pipes and water-using appliances to be filled with deposits while water with a low pH can corrode or dissolve metals and other substances.

Age of the Home

The age of the home, as well as the age and condition of existing treatment equipment, can play a role in the water quality within a household and the associated costs with improving it. An older water treatment system might not be as effective as it was before, so checking its overall condition and functionality is imperative to determine if it can still be maintained or needs to be replaced with a new one.

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