Safe and Pure: Ways to Purify Your Drinking Water

There’s nothing wrong with drinking tap water—the Safe Drinking Water Act as well as strict guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency makes sure it’s safe to drink. Still, there’s no way to know what’s in your water, and that might bother some people. 


Of course, you can always buy bottled water, but there are easier and cheaper ways to get safe drinking water. RainSoft® of NE Iowa, your go-to company in the state for all your plumbing services needs, lists some of them below. 

Boiling Water 

The simplest way to make sure your tap water’s safe is to boil it for at least five to ten minutes. One drawback is that boiled water tastes flat, although adding a pinch of salt can improve its taste. 

Using UV Water Filters 

A quicker way to make sure your drinking water’s safe is to use a UV water filter. Ultraviolet light can kill the bacteria inhabiting drinking water. 

A Word of Caution About Using Bleach and Iodine

Adding unscented chlorinated bleach or iodine tablets to water is another way to eliminate bacteria living in drinking water. However, they should only be used in emergencies—these chemicals can harm your health if they’re not used properly. 

Installing a Commercial Filter 

Most households prefer to install water purifiers or commercial filters. If you’re considering installing a water filtration system, make sure to pay attention to the specific contaminants each filter can remove. It’d be better if the system utilizes multiple technologies to remove contaminants. After all, each filtration method has its weaknesses.

For our clients, we recommend installing the Ultrefiner II System premium drinking water system. This filter system is built to military standards and certified by the NSF®, an independent testing body, so you can be sure drinking water supplied by this system is safe, pure, and free of contaminants. Plus, since the system only has three filters instead of the industry average of five, you’ll get to save on maintenance costs. 

Want to know more about premium water filtration systems like this? 

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