Myths Debunked: Misconceptions About Water Purifiers


1. Water Is Safe to Drink After It’s Been Boiled 



Why install a water purifier when you can simply boil your drinking water? While heat can destroy viruses and bacteria in drinking water, it can’t remove the pollutants and toxic chemicals that contaminated it. 



2. Using DIY Filters Is Enough 



Sand filters and other DIY filters can remove sediments in murky water. However, some impurities and chemicals are so small that they can easily pass through homemade filters. Unlike DIY filters, water purifiers can remove contaminants several microns small. 


Here’s a tip: Not all water purifiers or softeners are equal— the efficiency of your water purifier or water softener depends on the filtration technology that’s used. The best water purifiers use carbon filters, which act as a magnet for impurities and contaminants in water. 



3. Water Purifiers Remove Minerals that Are Essential to Your Health 



There is some truth to this myth. Yes, some traces of minerals in your water supply may be removed. However, it’s not true that the loss of minerals in your drinking water will adversely impact your health in any way. For one thing, the traces of minerals in drinking water aren’t enough to meet your daily requirements. The amount of minerals you get from drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water—the recommended daily amount of water intake—is far lower than what you would get from just one slice of bread. If you want to increase your intake of minerals and other nutrients, you should focus on incorporating more nutrient-rich foods into your diet. 


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