If You Have Sulfur in Your Water, Here’s How to Remove It

If you’re wondering whether or not having sulfur in your tap water makes you sick, it actually depends on the amount of sulfur found in your water. Keep in mind that most home water supplies don’t have high levels of sulfur, but if your water has an unusual odor and taste, you may need to call in trained water softener professionals, such as our team RainSoft of NE Iowa. We’ll inspect your water supply and resolve the issue in the best way possible.

How Sulfur Interacts With Your Tap Water

Sulfur is a chemical element that’s naturally found in rocks and soil. It can also be a problem for homes with well water because sulfur is often found in high concentration levels in the ground where many private wells are dug. While sulfur alone doesn’t really affect your tap water, if it contains any sulfur-reducing bacteria, such as iron and manganese, the sulfur in the water will interact with that bacteria and produce a gas called hydrogen sulfide (H2S). 

H2S is also naturally produced when organic matter in well water starts to decay and is the main cause behind the extremely strong “rotten egg” smell that’s noticeable even at low concentrations..

How Sulfur Can Be Removed 

The best way to remove the sulfates and hydrogen sulfide from your tap water is to get it personally tested by a trusted water purifier professional. This is so you can determine the exact cause behind the high levels of sulfur in your water. A water test will also show you how much sulfur is in your water so you can take the right steps to fix the issue. 

Also, make sure that there aren’t any other contaminants in your water like bacteria and even sewage pollution. The latter contains harmful contaminants like coliform bacteria and nitrates, which can easily be the cause of the odor. This is another important reason why you need to have your water professionally tested. 

As one of the best reverse osmosis treatment specialists in the area, RainSoft of NE Iowa has a proud history of making good water better. We’ll get the job done professionally and efficiently, so contact us at (319) 233-2038 or through our online contact form.