Bottleless Water Coolers

The Best Solution For Your Home Or Office.

  • No Bulky Bottles to Store
  • No Spilling
  • No Heavy Bottles to Lift
  • Continuous Supply of Water
  • High Capacity Hot and Cold Tanks
  • Electronic Dispense with Safety Hot Feature
  • Saves Money Over Bottled Water
  • Ultraviolet Bio-Film Control In-Tank
  • Drip Tray with Knock-Out for Drain

The Purlogix 2000N Series multi-stage Reverse Osmosis purification process removes contaminants and delivers delicious hot or cold water through a sanitary electronic dispense port.

The final stage of treatment takes place in the ambient reservoir. Located in the tank is a UV light which comes on every 3 hours to sanitize the water a final time. This stage of treatment also prevents bio-film build up inside the reservoir.