A Step-by-Step Guide to Remove a Water Softener Salt Bridge


Step #1: Turn Off the Water, and Break the Crust

When trying to remove the water softener salt bridge, you’ll want to stop the source first so the salt bridge won’t continue to form. With that in mind, be sure to turn off the water to the softener first either at the incoming faucet or by using the bypass valve at your home. Afterwards, take a long-handed tool like a broom or mop, and tap the salt bridge with the handle until the crust is broken.

Step #2: Remove the Loose Pellets, and Hammer the Edges

Once you’ve broken the water softener salt bridge, scoop out the loose pellets from the top of the tank with a plastic container, and lightly hammer at the salt crust’s edges. While you’re doing it, however, make sure that you avoid hammering the sides of the tank to prevent damaging it and causing leaks in your home.

Step #3: Vacuum Out the Water, and Turn Back on the Water

Once you’ve hammered the salt crust’s edges, remove the small salt chunks again with a plastic container. Then, drain the water in the bottom of the water softener with a wet/dry vacuum. Afterwards, turn the water on again, and follow the softener’s instructions to regenerate them. Once you’ve done so, refill the brine tank with salt. If you follow these instructions to the letter, then your salt bridge problem should be solved immediately.

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