Premium Water Treatment Products for Your Home in Waterloo, Iowa

Water Treatment Waterloo IowaWhen it comes to residential water treatment products in Waterloo, IA, RainSoft of NE Iowa has an unsurpassed selection from one of the world’s foremost manufacturers. As an authorized dealer for RainSoft, we carry nothing but premium, state-of-the-art residential water treatment products that are able to address a wide variety of water-quality irregularities and problems.

The following is a list of just some of the RainSoft products that we sell, install, and service:

  • Water softeners – A RainSoft water softener will eliminate any issues you are having in Waterloo related to water hardness. These can include dry, itchy skin, lifeless hair, hard-water deposits on dishes, dull-looking laundry, and limescale buildup inside certain appliances.
  • Drinking water purifiers – RainSoft’s Ultrefiner II drinking water purifier utilizes reverse osmosis water treatment technology to reduce the presence of nitrates, sodium, lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other impurities. Having a product like this installed in your home will give you and your family 24/7 access to refreshing, bottle-quality water right at the kitchen sink.
  • Problem-solving filters – Many of our customers’ homes benefit from having a “problem-solving” filter installed that treats all the water entering the home. We will gladly test your water for specific impurities, and afterwards, recommend a RainSoft whole-house water filter that’s best for you and your family. It may be helpful to think of a whole-house filter as your first line of defense against waterborne impurities. At RainSoft of NE Iowa, we carry the Oxytech 150 iron reduction filter, as well as the QRS whole-house chemical filtration system, both of which are premium RainSoft water treatment products.

Contact RainSoft of NE Iowa in Waterloo today if you would like to receive additional information about the RainSoft water treatment products that we offer.