Water Softening Systems for Residents of Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Marion & Other Iowa Towns

Water Softening SystemsSince 1981, RainSoft of NE Iowa has been an authorized dealer of RainSoft-brand water softening systems. We proudly serve Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Marion, and other communities big and small throughout eastern IA. Our EC4 Series water softener is highly effective at removing calcium and magnesium, the minerals that are responsible for water hardness. It comes with a smart-feature microprocessor capable of handling thousands of computations per second. Designed to regenerate itself automatically, the EC4 Series guarantees that an abundant volume of soft water is always available. Automatic regeneration also helps to save water, salt, and electricity. In addition to the EC4 Series, we also proudly offer water softeners designed for large commercial enterprises.

RainSoft of NE Iowa does more than just sell water softening systems, of course. Fundamentally, we create customized solutions to our customers’ water-quality problems. Our president, Terry Bonik, has built RainSoft of NE Iowa into a company that local homeowners – even those with the most serious water issues – can reliably turn to for effective water treatment equipment and superior customer service. Along with having an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and favorable reviews on sites like Angie’s List, RainSoft of NE Iowa is a multiyear recipient of the John Grayson Customer Satisfaction Award. This is the most prestigious award that RainSoft gives its dealers, and to receive it, a dealer must consistently score between 90 and 100 percent on customer satisfaction surveys.

For more information about our water softening systems, or any of the other RainSoft products we carry, please contact RainSoft of NE Iowa today. From Waterloo and Cedar Falls to Marion and Cedar Rapids, we serve all of eastern IA.