The Advantages to Purchasing a RainSoft Water Softener for Your Home in North Liberty, Iowa

Water Softener North Liberty IowaBecause the water in and around North Liberty, Iowa, is especially hard, purchasing a water softener can be an excellent long-term investment for your family. Softening your water will eliminate many of the frustrations that are commonly associated with water hardness, such as limescale buildup inside your pipes, premature water heater corrosion, hard water deposits on your drinking glasses, and clothes that come out of the laundry scratchy and dull-looking – just to name a few examples. The installation of a water softener will immediately result in water that is more enjoyable to use and less destructive of your pipes, appliances, and fixtures.

In North Liberty, the company to rely on for expert water softener installation is RainSoft of NE Iowa. We are an authorized distributor of RainSoft-brand water treatment products, and as such, we proudly carry the full line of RainSoft’s state-of-the-water softening systems. One of our most popular models is the EC4 Series, a computer-controlled “learning” water softener the regenerates itself in real-time based on the customer’s water-usage habits. Essentially self-programmable, the EC4 Series is a true 21st century water softening system that will help you to conserve water, salt, and electricity. As with all of RainSoft’s products, the EC4 Series is assembled in the USA inside of an ISO 9001-certified facility; backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty; certified by third-party equipment-testing organizations; and available exclusively through knowledgeable RainSoft dealers like RainSoft of NE Iowa.

For help in selecting right RainSoft water softener for your home in North Liberty, IA, contact the water-softening pros at RainSoft of NE Iowa today. Since 1981, we have proudly been a distributor of the finest residential water treatment products sold in America. In addition to water softeners, we also sell, install, and service drinking water purifiers, whole-house chemical filtration systems, replacement filter media, salt for water softeners, soaps, and more.