Why Buy the Ultrefiner II Water Purifier for Your Home in North Liberty, Iowa?

Water Purifier North Liberty IowaThe Ultrefiner II is no ordinary drinking water purifier. Developed by industry leader RainSoft, the Ultrefiner II is the result of more than a half-century of painstaking research and development. It is assembled in the USA inside an ISO 9001 facility, Tested and Certified by NSF International (a respected independent product-testing organization), and available only through authorized RainSoft dealers. The Ultrefiner II is a state-of-the-art drinking water purifier and one against which all others are measured. With it, your family in North Liberty, IA, can have unrestricted, round-the-clock access to water that is virtually 100 percent free of contaminants, tastes, and odors.

Though small in stature, RainSoft’s Ultrefiner II is incredibly effective at removing unpleasant tastes and odors, as well as sedimentary particles as small as 0.005mm (five microns). How does it turn good water into great water? Its primary operational components are as follows:

  • Pre-filter – Your water will first enter the water purifier though an inlet value and be sent through the system’s pre-filter, which removes microscopic particles and sediment.
  • Membrane cartridge – Next, your water will pass through a spiral wound, semi-permeable reverse osmosis (RO) cartridge.
  • Post-filer – Upon exiting the RO cartridge, you water will be filtered a third time by the system’s post-filter. This filter is designed to remove unpleasant tastes and odors.

Living in a home with a drinking water purifier like the Ultrefiner II means always being able to quench your thirst with ultra clean, delicious-tasting water whenever the need arises. Never again will you have to rely on – and pay for – costly bottled water.

For more information, contact RainSoft of NE Iowa. We are an authorized RainSoft dealer serving North Liberty, IA, that proudly carries the Ultrefiner II water purifier.