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EC4 Series Water Conditioners

EC4 Series Water Conditioners

EC4 Series Water

RainSoft EC4 water conditioning systems are available in various configurations with numerous features to fit your needs. Ask your RainSoft dealer to recommend the EC4 water softening system that’s right for you.

The EC4 Series comprise RainSoft’s premium, computer controlled water conditioners. Built to last a lifetime, EC4 water conditioners provide dependable performance and an abundant supply of luxuriously softened water throughout your home. They come standard with a smart-feature microprocessor controller that handles thousands of computations per second and responds in real time to your family’s home water treatment needs. The computer control keeps track of the water used in the home, and regenerates itself based upon actual water usage. This saves both water and electricity.


Softens, conditions and filters your water to remove calcium and magnesium – the two primary components of hard water.


The EC4 control valve is self-cleaning for maximum performance and long life. High flow rates assure a consistent, plentiful supply of conditioned water without worry of losing pressure. Powerful, self-lubricating 75-inch-per-pound drive motor.


Powered by an energy-efficient, low-voltage 24-volt electrical system.

Fail-Safe Features

Exclusive brine valve float system reduces chance of overflow; automatic bypass during regeneration means you always have water; fail-safe tank-within-tank construction. A built-in battery back-up system maintains critical program data in the event of a power outage.


Carries RainSoft’s limited lifetime warranty for the treatment tank, value, and electrical parts – the finest and most comprehensive offer in the industry!

ec4_howHow an EC4 water conditioning system works:

Step 1. Downflow Conditioning:

Untreated water flows through the filter media where hardness-causing minerals and iron are removed.

Step 2. Upflow Backwash:
The conditioning resin bed is “fluffed” to separate solids from the media.

Step 3. Downflow Brining:

The system injects the exact amount of brine (salt water) made from filtered water needed for full-strength regeneration of the system.

Step 4. Slow Downflow Brine Rinse:

Slow rinsing of the brine through the filter media provides a deep rinsing action to make sure all traces of salt are removed from the media bed.

Step 5. Fast Downflow Rinse:

Fast downflow rinse repacks the media, assuring maximum resin efficiency while removing any salt residue and any remaining traces of rust and iron.

Step 6. Treated Brine Makeup Refill:

A precise, preset quantity of filtered water is used to make a clean brine solution for regeneration; other brands use raw, unconditioned water to clean the media bed.


EC4 OxyTech

EC4 OxyTech

RainSoft’s EC4 OxyTech is designed to provide a reliable supply of treated water by reducing iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide (sulfur). This premium whole-house system offers unparalleled ease of use and a variety of state-of-the-art features:

Immediate condition response. Push any button on the EC4 OxyTech to wake up the LCD display and read any awaiting messages or instructions.

Power outage recovery. If power is lost during system regeneration, the EC4 OxyTech will complete the regeneration cycle automatically the moment that power is restored.

Service Alarm. If the EC4 OxyTech requires service or maintenance, it will tell you.

Large interactive LCD display. All system information is presented on an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand LCD display with intuitive menu structure.

Filter media. The EC4 OxyTech’s filter media is actually a blend of four minerals, each with its own specific contaminant-removal characteristics. The media are highly effective, long lasting, and capable of performing equally well across a wide range of temperatures.

Rugged. Reliable. Effective. That’s the EC4 OxyTech.



Ultrefiner II Premium Drinking Water System

  • slideimg2.pngUp to 50 Gallons Per Day
  • Delivers superior micro-filtration
  • Maximum pollution reduction – Nitrates, Sodium, Cysts, Lead, Total dissolved solids, Volatile organic contaminants
  • Modular Design
  • Lifetime Warranty

RainSoft reverse osmosis drinking water systems combine high efficiency carbon Hydretapblock sediment pre-filter, along with superior carbon block post-filter with VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) reduction to deliver the best drinking and cooking water possible.

The reverse osmosis drinking water system capacity offers up to 50 gallons per day of quality drinking water. The unit is built to military standards, and carries a limited lifetime warranty.


Whole House Chemical Filtration System

qrsWhole House Chemical Filtration Is Perfect For
Homes With Municipally- Treated Water

RainSoft Whole House Chemical Filtration Systems are designed to help solve special water treatment problems, and are built for
long life and trouble-free operation.

System Features:
Tank-Within-A-Tank Construction

Rugged tank is wound with over 3 miles of glass filament for extraordinary strength. Inside there’s another tank of sanitary plastic so your drinking water will never touch the
interior fiberglass surface.

Downflow Model
Filters out sediment as well as removing unwanted tastes and odors.

Specially Graded Filter Media
HYSULEX II (H) is a highly activated carbon with acres and acres of surface area to adsorb bad tastes and odors as well as other
unwanted substances in your water. A more porous material than regular carbon, with a highly developed internal surface area, it provides a greater capacity for adsorption.

Manufactured to be cleaner, stronger and harder than the industry standard.
NOTE: Tank size and local water pressure will affect unit’s operating flow rate.

Application Limitations Water to be filtered should be free
of oil and suspended matter, and relatively free of iron and turbidity
for maximum service life in taste and odor removal. Actual results may vary based on local water conditions.

Maintenance Requirements Filtering media will eventually become exhausted or consumed and need replacement. Replacement schedule will depend on incoming water quality and amount of water used. Your local RainSoft dealer can provide you with the recommended replacement schedule for your particular application.



What is CleanStart®?

CleanStart® is an innovative, eco-friendly laundry solution designed to save you money and provide the cleanest, freshest laundry you’ve ever experienced!

Designed and engineered for the home, CleanStart® utilizes the same commercial cleaning technology found in larger systems we’ve provided to clients such as Hilton and Marriott for their laundry operations.

Here’s How It Works

CleanStart® transforms cold water into a powerful cleaning agent by oxidizing normal tap water, injecting a controlled amount of ozone (O3) into the wash water. Ozone is nature’s safest, strongest oxidant and most effective disinfecting agent. After the ozone oxidizes and disinfects, it reverts to oxygen leaving behind nothing but cleaner, fresher laundry!


energyENERGY SAVINGS. Only cold water is required, eliminating the energy required to heat the wash water.

savingsDETERGENT SAVINGS. The disinfecting and cleaning power of the CleanStart® system greatly reduces and often eliminates the need for laundry detergent, softeners and bleach.(Pre-treating of stubborn stains is recommended.)

enviroENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE. By eliminating hot water and detergents, your using less energy and no longer dumping thousands of gallons of soaps and toxic bleach into the environment.

familyNO CHEMICAL IRRITATION. Eliminates common skin irritation caused by harsh cleaning detergents and disinfection products – great for infants and those with sensitive skin.

clothesLONGER LASTING CLOTHES. Fabric life is extended by not using chemicals that cause fabrics to break down.

strongEXTRA CLEANING. The rinse cycle becomes a second, powerful cleaning cycle.

lightbulbLOW OPERATING COST. Consumes less electricity than a 40 watt light bulb .

washerVERSATILE. CleanStart® is compatible with all makes and models of washing machines -top loaders, front loaders, and high efficiency models.

 CleanStart® is backed by a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Built to last and provide years of dependable service, it really is an amazing system.


RSM Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System


  • Reduces waterborne contaminants
  • No chemicals or chemical by-products
  • NSF certified

RainSoft RSM Series is NSF Certified protection from waterborne cryptosporidium and giardia cysts, bacteria and viruses.





Hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, government agencies, beauty salons, vehicle washes and laundries prefer RainSoft for its solid reputation, proven results, exceptional warranties, quality service and engineering.

Food Service

Count on RainSoft water for spot free wares and better tasting foods and beverages.


From the laundry to the kitchen, hotels, motels, and resorts depend on RainSoft water for reduced equipment maintenance and expenses while extending the life of their linens and providing added comfort for their guests.

Apartment Complexes & Condominiums

RainSoft equipment is perfect for those multifamily dwellings where owners and occupants reap all the benefits of conditioned water.

Vehicle Wash

Vehicle wash applications require a continuous supply of water. RainSoft water can reduce chemical usage and can provide high quality water for a spot-free rinse.


Today’s high-tech industries demand high quality RainSoft Water to meet their needs from boilers and cooling systems to water processed for manufacturing.


 Bottleless Water Coolers

PurlogixSellSheet2012The Best Solution For Your Home Or Office.

  • No Bulky Bottles to Store
  • No Spilling
  • No Heavy Bottles to Lift
  • Continuous Supply of Water
  • High Capacity Hot and Cold Tanks
  • Electronic Dispense with Safety Hot Feature
  • Saves Money Over Bottled Water
  • Ultraviolet Bio-Film Control In-Tank
  • Drip Tray with Knock-Out for Drain

The Purlogix 2000N Series multi-stage Reverse Osmosis purification process removes contaminants and delivers delicious hot or cold water through a sanitary electronic dispense port.

The final stage of treatment takes place in the ambient reservoir. Located in the tank is a UV light which comes on every 3 hours to sanitize the water a final time. This stage of treatment also prevents bio-film build up inside the reservoir.