There are Lots of Plumbers in Cedar Falls. Why Choose RainSoft of NE Iowa?

Plumbers Cedar Falls IowaRainSoft of NE Iowa isn’t quite like other plumbers in Cedar Falls, IA. The first, and perhaps most obvious, distinguishing feature of our business is that we are an authorized dealer of RainSoft products, such as water softeners, drinking water filtration systems, and point-of-entry filters. Should you require any of these types of products, or are in need of repair for any that you currently own, our RainSoft-trained plumbers can provide you with the installation or repair service that you need. RainSoft of NE Iowa can assist you in addressing just about any water quality issue, problem, or concern, be it water hardness, high levels of nitrates, or well water irregularities.

Secondly, RainSoft of NE Iowa has a master plumber on staff. How many other plumbers in Waterloo, IA, can say that? A master plumber is an individual who has achieved the highest level of skill in the plumbing profession. To become a master plumber, one must undergo many years of on-the-job training, first as an apprentice plumber, then as a plumbing journeyman. After satisfying the state of Iowa’s stringent licensing requirements, plumbing journeymen are able to call themselves master plumbers – the pinnacle of the profession. A master plumber has the skill set necessary to perform just about every type of plumbing repair there is.

At RainSoft of NE Iowa, we offer:

  • Faucet leak repair
  • Toilet repair
  • Water heater repair
  • Clogged pipe repair
  • Sump pump repair
  • And more

There are lots of plumbers in the Cedar Falls area, but as you can see, RainSoft of NE Iowa is unique in a couple of important ways. Contact us today if you are experiencing a plumbing problem. Our plumbers are available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies.