Rainsoft of NE Iowa, Inc. is a distributor of RainSoft water treatment and air purification equipment. Our business was founded in 1981, by the current president, Terry Bonik. Terry started with four years of RainSoft sales and sales management experience. Rachel Faust, current vice president, became a partner with Terry Bonik in 2008.  We are proud of our products, customer service, and employees which has led us to over 20,000 customers in NE Iowa.

RainSoft of NE Iowa has received the “John Grayson Customer Satisfaction Award” every year it has been available from the RainSoft manufacturer.

RainSoft, a division of Aquion Partners L.P., is one of the world’s most respected names for residential, commercial and industrial water treatment products and services. Since 1953, RainSoft has been an innovative leader in the water treatment industry and has earned more than 75 U.S. and international patents.

Purlogix offers the most sophisticated drinking water cooler systems in the world and eliminates the hassles and high costs of bottled water. Located in the tank is a UV light which comes on every 3 hours to sanitize the water a final time. This stage of treatment also prevents      bio-film build up inside the reservoir.

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